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Students are given a worksheet. Reading the clues they are expected to make inferences.




Math – Learners need to answer the questions given below as per instructions mentioned in task 1 and 2 in math homework.

 The population of India as per the census 2011


Task 1



  • Answer the following questions:



Q:1 What is the total population of Kerala and Assam?


Q:2  In Mizoram, the number of Hindus were 30,136. Find the population of the rest of the communities.


Q:3 Write the number name of the population of both the states given below according to both Indian as well as the International system.

  1. Maharashtra       (b) Andhra Pradesh


Q:4 Which is the least populous state?


Q:5 Write the names of the following states in descending order of their population

Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, Nagaland


Q:6 Write the population of Gujarat rounded off to the nearest thousand.


                                                 State Wise population of India

States Population
Kerala 33,387,677
Assam 31,169,272
Mizoram 1,091,014
Maharashtra 112,372,972
Andhra Pradesh               49,386,799
Rajasthan 68,621,012
Haryana 25,353,081
Punjab 27,704,236
Nagaland 1,980,602
West Bengal 91,347,736
Gujarat   60,383,628
Sikkim   607,688

Task 2

Solve the following:


  • 456 x 28


  • 9371 x 53
  • The product of 98 and 64 is ______
  • If  976 is the dividend and 9 is the divisor, find the quotient and remainder.


Stars of the day: Mannat Nandwani and Simone (for remarkable class participation).


Please be present for the PTI  as per your allotted time slot. Your co-operation is anticipated.


Fatema Topiwala

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