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Day: July 17, 2018

Selection for inter school table tennis competition

Selection for inter school table tennis competition

Dear Students
We are opening  selections for the  upcoming Table Tennis  competition ( SGFI) . The selections will be conducted during their respective PS classes. The selection process will start from  18th July – 25th July. All the interested students should report to Mahmood sir during their PS slot.
Thank you.

Math SL: Exponents and Logarithms

Math SL: Exponents and Logarithms

Grade11 – All
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Thu Jul 19 2018 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: No
Details: Solve the Review Exercises of Exponents and Logarithms (GDC & Non-GDC) from Oxford Mathematics SL book (Page No. 134-136).
Expected Time: 60 minutes



Stars of the day – KUDOS to the entire section ‘Responsibility’ for being courageous in taking the vaccination. 🙂 🙂 🙂


A-Find meaning of the following words and make sentences.






B- Classify the following nouns into countable and uncountable: 

  1. water
  2. fruit
  3. coconut
  4. bread
  5. DVD
  6. meat
  7. ball
  8. snack
  9. glasses
  10. pen

Note- Please send RFID cards tomorrow if it’s pending.

With Regards,

Dimple Deshpande.

Have A Great Day! 🙂

Homework for the Day- 17th July

Homework for the Day- 17th July


Open the link below and solve the following question in your Language Notebook .


Math: Open the link below and solve the following in the Math 2 NB.

Math Practice

FA: Fa notebooks have been sent home for signature. Kindly make sure the students do their correction too and send it back by tomorrow.

Star of the day – Falak and Prasham

Star for 16th July – Sumit



Grade 6 – Excogitate – 17/07/18

Grade 6 – Excogitate – 17/07/18



A)  Click on the link mentioned below to practice typing and improve your typing speed. Take screenshot of the results and upload it in the folder shared with you through Google Drive.

Link :

B)  Watch the tutorial link given below and practice taking screenshot of the typing test you took.

Link :


Homework for July 17, 2018

Homework for July 17, 2018


Language: –Formative assessment notebook to be signed by parents. Learners need to do corrections as well.

Math: – Solve the following on a sheet of paper: Write neatly in an organized way with date and number.

i) Krishna stays in Delhi and he wants to visit Haryana to attend a wedding. He didn’t get the train tickets so he has to go by road. After 4 days he has to travel to Karnataka for office work.

a) He checked on google map that it will take 2 hours and 7 minutes to reach Haryana. He started his journey at 2:58 pm. At what time will he reach Haryana?

b) The distance from Delhi to Haryana is 123 km. If the distance from Delhi to Karnataka is 17 times more than the distance from Delhi to Haryana, find the distance from Delhi to Karnataka in km.

ii) Solve the following:

a) 456 x 25

b) 856 / 12

c) 238 x 48

d) 750/ 5

Homework of 17th July

Homework of 17th July

Homework : 

  1. Watch the tutorial and practice taking the screenshot of the typing test you took.

2. Practice typing to improve your typing speed. Click on the link mentioned below and take the test.

A folder named Typing speed has been shared. You can click on the following link and open the folder. You need to upload the screenshots of your test results in that folder today itself. Rename the file as ‘Your name_typing’. The rights to the folder will be taken away by tomorrow morning.

3. The document discussed in class today related to Demonetisation(Thinking Hats) has been shared with you for your reference. You can go through it and clarify any doubts that you still have.

4. Redo the sums that you have got incorrect(Mixed bag homework), in your mixed bag notebook.

Note:- Kindly hand over the vaccination certificate to your parent at home. It will serve as an evidence that you have been vaccinated against Measles and Rubella.



Homework for July 17, 2018

Homework for July 17, 2018

Dear Students,

You were all courageous and cooperative today at the time of vaccination. Good work, team!

Since we did not have enough time to take notebooks for Homework today, you’ll do the assigned work on a plain paper or a journal sheet.

For Homework today, solve the following worksheet in a sheet of paper:


Take care, see you all tomorrow…



-Aishwarya Jariwala