RFID Parent Pass- Important Update

RFID Parent Pass- Important Update

Dear Parents,

Based on the previous feedback from parents, we introduced RFID Parent Pass to ensure student security. The parent pass was also doubled up as a bearer card for the bus pickup.

However, we have received feedback from parents regarding the absence of student photo on the card. Hence we have decided to make additions to the RFID Parent Pass. Now, the RFID Parent Pass will be registered with the school Transport app and we will also print student photos on the flip side of the card and laminate it for easy long-term use. This will allow for an extra safety feature in addition to the name of the student which is already printed on the other side.

Parents need to send the RFID Parent pass to school along with their child as per the dates mentioned in the table below. We will return the cards on the same day when students leave for home.

During the PTM, it was observed that few RFID Parent passes were duplicated. To ensure student security random checks will be conducted at the bus stop to ensure authenticity of the RFID Parent pass, using RFID card reader. In case of duplication, conductor will confiscate the card and as a consequence, Rs. 500/- will be deducted from student imprest deposit.

In case parents need more than 2 RFID Parent Passes, they can apply through this form (chargeable at Rs. 100/card). Charges will be deducted from student imprest deposit. New cards will be handed over by 30th July.

Grade wise schedule:

Grade Date
5 18th July 2018
6 18th July 2018


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