Highlights and homework – Day 4 – July 20th

Highlights and homework – Day 4 – July 20th

UOI – Students located specific places on a world map. They demonstrated an understanding of methods of navigation. They also noted the routes taken by the explorers.

Langauge: Learners revised the strategy ‘Monitoring Inner Conversation’ through 4 quadrants – Connections, Wonder, Interesting and Gist. A strategy they learned in grade 3. They were explained how they use ‘connections’ while making inferences. Further, they were introduced to strategy ‘Asking questions’ and were asked to make a connection to their learning of ‘Wonder from monitoring the inner conversation.’ Learners continued to read chapter 3 with the teacher using the strategy Making Inference and Asking Questions.


UOI: Identify a journey taken by you, your parents or by any explorer. Note the route in the map provided to you.

Math: Complete the mix-bag in the journal sheet provided to you – Cycle 5

Language: Read the story from the file shared with you and answer the questions in journal sheet provided to you – Language – cycle 5 (https://www.culturalindia.net/indian-folktales/hitopadesha-tales/sages-daughter.html)

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