Homework of 20th July

Homework of 20th July

  1. Solve the Mixed bag homework posted on the blog, in your Mixed bag homework.
  2. The answer key to yesterday’s Math homework is also posted, along with the mixed bag homework. Go through it, and then attempt the question on your own, in your Math H.W notebook.
  3. Practice typing to improve your typing speed. Click on the link mentioned below and take the test. (Ignore if already done)


    A folder named Typing speed has been shared. You can click on the following link and open the folder. You need to upload the screenshots of your test results in that folder today itself. Rename the file as ‘Your name_typing’. (Ignore if already done)


Note : 

  1. Bring your parent passes to school on Monday, without fail in case they have not been upgraded yet.
  2. Since we have our first book review session on 26th July, kindly finish reading your book at the earliest if not done yet. Make the most out of this weekend and prepare for the review.
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