Mixed bag homework for the weekend- Cycle 5

Mixed bag homework for the weekend- Cycle 5

Dear students,

We were delighted to see that most of you tried to solve the word problem which was posted yesterday. Yes, it was challenging, but you didn’t give up. Kudos to your persistence! So, here comes the answer key which will help you to decode the problem and understand its flow. We hope you go through it and then try solving the word problem again independently. You may seek your parents’ help to accomplish the task.

Link to the answer key:- https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lkwrPnjCR_rGbyqvILqA7zITpVUYwkrys5hzFrLydMs/edit?usp=sharing

Kindly go through the following link which contains this weekend’s mixed bag homework. The pattern of the mixed bag homework is liable to change as per the need. All of us have seen and observed this since day 1. So, we would advise you to stick to the instructions mentioned in the document and do the needful.

Link to the mixed bag homework:- Cycle 5


  1. Kindly bring your parent passes on Monday without fail, if they are not yet upgraded.
  2. Since we have our first book review session on 26th July, kindly finish reading your book at the earliest if not done yet. Make the most out of this weekend.
  3. Finish off all the additional tasks assigned by your teacher in the classroom.
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