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Day: July 20, 2018

Highlights of the day 20-07-18

Highlights of the day 20-07-18

Day 4


Moving further in the unit, Students acquired an understanding of the process of problem-solving through a learning engagement. They understood that imagining or thinking of different alternative solutions and implementing one of them helps in problem-solving.


Students explored the poems given in the chapter ‘Poetry By Children on Travel’ of Empowering English and identified the similes used in the poem to understand how the poets make word pictures using creative comparisons.



  •  The poet in the poem ‘The Hot Air Balloon’ (page no. 46 of Empowering English) finds her ride very peaceful. Write 5-6 sentences about what she might see when she looks down from her hot air balloon. Use your imagination. Write it in your language notebook.
  • Complete the given worksheet.


  • Complete the given worksheet.

Note for Parents – Kindly sign language FA notebook and send it back on Monday.

Highlights of the week- 9th to 12th July 2018

Highlights of the week- 9th to 12th July 2018

[Highlight Of The Week]


[Unit Of Inquiry]


Transdisciplinary theme: Who We Are


Central Idea: Choices people make affect their health and well being.


  • Students watched different videos related to food. The videos were shown with an intention that they become aware of the balanced diet and nutritional importance of it.

Link: Balanced diet :

          Nutrition :


  • Students read the article related to nutrients in the groups and noted key points from it. Later on, they presented their understanding in the class.


  • Read aloud of the book ‘What Happens To Your  Food ?’ written by Alastair Smith was done.


  • Students evaluated their  ‘The daily routine log’ by filling the self-evaluation sheet which will help them to be responsible for filling the next daily routine log.



  • Read aloud was done.
  • Dictation was conducted.



  • Formative assessment was conducted.
  • The teacher started the time concept with the ‘Math-Talk’. Later, the students revised the concepts of reading the time – o’clock, half past, quarter to, quarter past. The students watched certain videos and understood the concept of 5-minutes.

           Video link:


  • Students practiced math number concepts of arranging the numbers in ascending and descending order and backward counting in their Math notebook.



Complete the given worksheet.



Parents please take your child to the supermarket (Big Bazaar, Star Bazaar, Reliance supermarket, etc ) and help them to complete their given worksheet and also motivate them to fill their daily routine log.

Note: The homework is explained in detail by the teachers.

Dictation words for Friday 27th July 2018 are as follows:


Grade – 2 team.


Highlights and Homework

Highlights and Homework

Dear parents,

[Highlight Of The Week]

Students revised the concept of Indian and International Place value in Math.

Students learned mapping skills in UOI.

Students finished chapter 3 of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang using the strategy “Asking Questions and Making Inferences” in Language.



Math: Complete the mix-bag in the journal sheet provided to you – Cycle 5

Language: Read the story from the file shared with you and answer the questions in journal sheet provided to you – Language – cycle 5 


Stars of the day: Ishani Mevada, Prisha Nangalia( for becoming courageous during “Activity Jar” time) and Kunjjan Patel( For showing progress and committing to his goals).

Motivational Quotes


Fatema Topiwala


Mixed bag homework for the weekend- Cycle 5

Mixed bag homework for the weekend- Cycle 5

Dear students,

We were delighted to see that most of you tried to solve the word problem which was posted yesterday. Yes, it was challenging, but you didn’t give up. Kudos to your persistence! So, here comes the answer key which will help you to decode the problem and understand its flow. We hope you go through it and then try solving the word problem again independently. You may seek your parents’ help to accomplish the task.

Link to the answer key:-

Kindly go through the following link which contains this weekend’s mixed bag homework. The pattern of the mixed bag homework is liable to change as per the need. All of us have seen and observed this since day 1. So, we would advise you to stick to the instructions mentioned in the document and do the needful.

Link to the mixed bag homework:- Cycle 5


  1. Kindly bring your parent passes on Monday without fail, if they are not yet upgraded.
  2. Since we have our first book review session on 26th July, kindly finish reading your book at the earliest if not done yet. Make the most out of this weekend.
  3. Finish off all the additional tasks assigned by your teacher in the classroom.
Highlights of the week- 16th July to 20th July

Highlights of the week- 16th July to 20th July

[Circle Time]


  • Structured drill (Discussion and phonics) was conducted.
  • Recitation of poetry was done.  




  • Read aloud was conducted.
  • Revision of ou, ow, oi, oy digraphs was done.
  • Dictation was given.



  • Learning center of  various number operations was conducted.



  • Reflection for the guest speaker session was conducted.
  • Life skill: Session on gender roles and stereotypes was conducted.



Do the following task in Math notebook.

Task 1 : write number names from 111 to 120.

Task 2 : Illustrate / draw the given numbers.

125, 105, 131, 186, 172


Complete the given worksheet.


Dictation words will be given on 27th July.


















Grade 1 Team.


Highlights of the week (16th July – 20th July)

Highlights of the week (16th July – 20th July)

Circle Time-

Revision of Rhymes:

1)Morning has come

2) Good morning dear Earth

3) Each like a petal of one great flower

4) The thunder rumbles

5) Incy Wincy spider



Introduction of  rhyme:

Little raindrops, tumbling down, (3)
On a lovely cloudy day.
They make the trees all fresh and green, (3)
On a lovely cloudy day.
Let’s watch the peacock dance and play, (3)
On a lovely cloudy day.
Let’s see the frogs all hop and leap, (3)
On a lovely cloudy day.
All the snails are slowly crawling, (3)
On a lovely cloudy day.
Let’s hear the thunder laughing loud, (3)
On a lovely cloudy day.
Let’s smell the earth all wet and fresh, (3)
On a lovely cloudy day.



Phonological Awareness :

  • Sentences and phrases
  • Blending


Read aloud:

Read aloud from Sr. KG monthly book list.


Cooking activity – Making lemonade.


Handwork – Paper punching in various shapes.


Art – Drawing wavy lines with oil pastels



Transdisciplinary theme: Sharing the Planet

Central idea: Plants sustain life on Earth and play a role in our lives.


  • Created a mind map of the plant products
  • Class discussion about ‘germination’
  • Nature walk: to observe various types of plants




  • Introduction of forward numbers (31-40) and writing the same in the notebook.
  • Learning centers to cater forward, backward, before and after numbers, greater than and less than numbers.



  • Revision of blending and segmenting.
  • Used various mediums like flour/ sand/ paints/ slate & chalk to practice letter formation (a to z).




  • Workbook page no. 5


Important note:


  • Kindly send a raincoat every day.



Have a stupendous weekend !



Sr. KG Team


Homework for Ruminate – 20/07/18

Homework for Ruminate – 20/07/18


  • Students need to solve the following worksheet in their Mixed bag homework notebook.

Link:  Mixed bag for cycle 5

  • Formative Assessment notebooks are sent with the students. Parents need to check and acknowledge the same.
  • A gentle reminder to work towards your goal.
  • Students need to start preparing for the BOOK REVIEW. The Book review for the month of July will be taken up on 26th of July – Day 2






Formative Assessment was conducted. Further, they were introduced to the summative assessment task.


Students read and comprehended a part of Chapter 3 from their reader ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ using the strategy “Making Inference” and ‘Asking Questions’.

Notes for parents for UOI SA:  Ask your child to read the following information and critically analyze where they want to visit for their UOI summative assessment and why?

Disclaimer: All the selected locations are child-friendly and will be explored by them accompanying a HRT. Kindly avoid influencing for the choice of place as this will not make their reflection very authentic.

Gopi Talav (Talab) is located in the walled city area of Surat in the inner ring (the older fort wall) and the outer ring (the extended fort wall) around the circular lake area measuring about 1,00,000 that includes water body 35,300 and surrounding area 64,700 The travel accounts of the 17th century describe Gopi Talav as “an important urban recreational space with religious significance.”

Surat Castle, or Surat Fort, is a 16th-century structure in the city Surat. The Ahmedabad king Sultan Mahmood-III ordered its construction to defend the city from the frequent attacks that had devastated it.

Jagdish Chandra Bose Aquarium is situated in the Pal area of Surat, Gujarat, India. It is the first multidisciplinary underwater aquarium of its kind in the country and named after the Bengali scientist Jagadish Chandra Bose.

English Cemetry: The tombs in English, Dutch and Armenian cemeteries at Surat are reckoned among the most important historical monuments in the city. It is reported that there was so much competition between the Dutch and the English in Surat to impress upon the natives their importance and power that they put mausoleums instead of tombstones. Many of these are so ridiculously large and ornamental resembling Muslim tombs rather than the ordinary tombstones in Europe.

Botanical Garden Surat is popularly known as “Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden”. This pleasant garden is located on the bank of river “Tapi” in the “Ugat” area of Surat. Surat is one of the largest cities of Gujarat and well known as a “Manchester Of India”. If you are in search of a quiet and peaceful place in this crowded city then Botanical Garden Of Surat is the perfect choice for you. This tranquil place is the habitat of more than 1000 plant species. Nowadays it became one of the most visited attractions for tourist and residents. Lush green garden, Helium Balloon, Toy Train these are some attractions which are attracting many visitors, especially children.


Math: Click on the link and solve the sums in Math homework notebook:

Cycle 5


  1. Read and comprehend the story “The Sage’s daughter” given on page number 9 of your “Empowering English” reference book.
  2. Go through the glossary.
  3. Use a dictionary if needed.
  4. Write the answers to the questions given on Page 12 in your EE notebook.
  5. Mention the date and question number clearly.
  6. Write neatly in complete sentences.


Announcement for the Selection trials of SGFI Roller Speed Skating Competition 2018

Announcement for the Selection trials of SGFI Roller Speed Skating Competition 2018

The School Games (S.G.F.I) Roller speed skating tournament is schedule on 28th July 2018 at SMC Skating rink, Jariwala compound, Katargam, Surat.

All the students that are interest to participate for the same will have to give the selection trials that are scheduled on Tuesday 24th July at 2pm. The selection trials will be conducted during the stayback. The students need to email me the registration for the selections latest by Monday 23rd July, 2 pm.

Only those students whose name will be received through the email (before  2 o’clock) will be allowed to do stay back  and give the trial.

Note: Competition is only for the Quad and Inline category for both boys and girls. Age groups are as follows:

Under 11(grade 3-5) Born on and after 01-01-2008 only.

Under 19 (grade 11-12) Born on and after 01-01-2000 only.