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Day: July 24, 2018

Highlights of Cycle 5

Highlights of Cycle 5

Dear Parent,

Cycle 5 began with the government initiative of the Measles and Rubella campaign that was held in the school. This campaign once again demonstrated our commitment towards improving health and well being of our students by protecting them against vaccine-preventable diseases.

As an audience, the students of Grade 5 witnessed the creative presentations of our students while they performed for the assembly. They used different mediums of presentation to exhibit the knowledge that they have gained so far.
Formative Assessments were conducted to assess student learning needs as well as their academic progress. A detailed discussion of the assessment was conducted and the students were given constructive feedback for improvement.
The plan for Language Development consisted of a revision of the grammar that the students have previously learned. This was done with an aim to build on the linguistic skills of the students that they have learned during the previous grades. 
As we near the end of the Unit, students have begun attempting the Summative Assessment which will help us evaluate their learning, skill acquisition as well as academic achievement. 
Looking forward to book reviews and much more in the forthcoming cycle!!!
Grade 6 team
Biology : Specialized cells

Biology : Specialized cells

Grade9 – G9 Epiphany
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Thu Jul 26 2018 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: Yes
Details: Please refer Google classroom for instructions.
Expected Time: 30 minutes

Math : Standard form of an equation

Math : Standard form of an equation

Grade8 – All,G8 Verve,G8 Vivacity
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Fri Jul 27 2018 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: Yes
Details: Dear students,

Kindly check the details of H.W. in respective section Google Classroom.
Expected Time: 60 minutes

Homework for 24th July

Homework for 24th July

Hello Students,

The Star of the week is KHUSHI.

The homework for the day is:

  1. Create a flowchart which consists the steps to follow while solving a word problem (What steps do you follow when you are asked to solve a word problem).
  2. Complete the homework posted by Ishita Ma’am.
  3. Go through the answer key of the mixed bag homework and correct your work.


Nirja Thakkar


Highlights and homework.

Highlights and homework.

Dear parents,


[Highlight Of The Day]

Math: Student practiced multiplication problems and also appeared for their place value F.A in math.

Language: Student brushed their inferencing skills through an read aloud taken on the book “Red”. The book highlights the topic of being bullied.


F.A correction homework:

  • Students need to check all their previous Formative Assessments and make corrections for them.

Parents kindly sign all the F.As



Complete the Weekend task of Week 3 in your LWE reference book. (page no.19)

Stars of the day: Nyassha Fudhnawala, Vaibhavi Reliewala and Reyansh Agrawal (Outstanding performance in Math class today).


Image result for mistakes are expected respected



Fatema Topiwala

Highlights and homework – Day 6 – July 24th

Highlights and homework – Day 6 – July 24th

Math: Students revised place value in Indian and International number system. Later, formative assessment was conducted. Also, they practised multiplication sums and word problems

Language: Students continued to read and comprehend Chapter 3 from their reader ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ using the strategy ‘Making Inference’ and ‘Asking Questions’.


Language: To be done in your language empowering English notebook.

  1. Complete the chapter 3 using the strategy ‘Making Inference’ and ‘Asking Questions’.
  2. Read the new learning of Week 3 from LWE reference book.
  3. Create one phrase for each – noun phrase, adjectival phrase, adverbial phrase and prepositional phrase.

Math: You are encouraged to be committed to complete the task started in the class.

Math homework for the day- 24th July 2018

Math homework for the day- 24th July 2018

Dear students,

We hope you had a great weekend this time too and are now geared up for the challenges this week pose to you. Well, before I give one of them away, let us quickly revise the steps we followed to solve recent Math mixed bag homework. Go through the answer key and make the corrections in your mixed bag homework notebook if not done yet:-

It is OK if you did not carry your notebook today, but ensure that you take it away back to home tomorrow.

It’s now time for today’s challenge. Solve the following word problem in your Math homework notebook and submit it tomorrow without fail:-

Meenu has planned for a house-warming party. She wanted to go grocery shopping for the items needed for the party. She bought 1.5 kg carrots, 3 kg fruits, 750 g of mixed spices and 500 g salt.

  1. What is the total amount of grocery she bought? What was the first step you took to solve this question? Why did you do so?
  2. She had Rs.5000 with her. Her total bill of the bought items added up to Rs.2546.84. What is the amount returned to her by the shopkeeper?
  3. She bought the grocery keeping in mind that 5 people were invited. However, she realized that she has forgotten to invite 2 more people. What is the weight of carrots and fruits that she will have to buy so as to feed everyone (all 7 people)? Which mathematical operation(s) will you choose to determine the answer? Why do you think so?

In case you face any difficulty anywhere while solving the word problem, follow the flowchart designed by you as yesterday’s homework. If you feel you have missed out on an important step in your flowchart, please update it. You can refer to this flowchart whenever you solve any word problem.

Since we are all going for a field trip (Movies) tomorrow, all of the below-mentioned tasks are to be submitted/presented on or after Thursday:-

  1. Prepare for your assessment speech if it has been informed by your teacher.
  2. Prepare for your book review that is to be held on 26th July. Seek your parents’ feedback so as to improvise your presentation and content.
  3. Any additional task assigned by your teacher.

To be noted:-

  1. Do not bring your Chromebook tomorrow.
  2. Go through the new food policy and bring the food in accordance to that (It’s the last Wednesday of the month tomorrow 🙂 )
  3. Do not forget to bring your ID card tomorrow to school. It is to be worn around the neck throughout your field trip.
International Mathematics : Inverse functions_Extended only

International Mathematics : Inverse functions_Extended only

Grade10 – G10 Herald
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Wed Jul 25 2018 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: No
Details: You are required to solve the following exercises from Haese & Harris as a part of weekend homework:
Book page no. 374, Ex. 23B

You are also expected to complete your previous pending tasks, if any.

Expected Time: 25 minutes

Highlights of the day – 24/07/2018

Highlights of the day – 24/07/2018

Day 6 – Tuesday. 

Math: Formative assessment was conducted


Math: Your ‘Magic Number’ is 45,099.

Keeping your magic number in mind and do the following task:

a) Write 20 numbers in sequence from your magic number.
b) Now circle all the ODD numbers.
c) Write any 15 even numbers that lie between 45,069 and the magic number.
d) Identify and complete the pattern: 45,099 ; __________; 45,109 ; 45,114 ; __________; __________; ____________
e) Identify and complete the pattern: _________; 45,099 ; 45,103 ; ________; 45,111; __________.


Note: Kindly send dictionary with your kids which will be kept in the class to develop the habit of learning new words and developing the vocabulary. 

Have a good day! 🙂

Megha Chhatiawala