Highlights of the Day – 24/07/18

Highlights of the Day – 24/07/18

Day 6


  • Students identified and wrote odd and even numbers within a range of numbers given by the teacher.
  • Formative Assessment was conducted.


  • Students explored the poems given in the chapter ‘Poetry By Children on Travel’ of Empowering English and identified the similes used in the poem to understand how the poets make word pictures using creative comparisons.
  • Read aloud was done.



Your ‘Magic Number’ is 45,099.

Keeping your magic number in mind, do the following tasks:

a) Write 20 numbers in sequence from your magic number.
b) Now circle all the odd numbers.
c) Write any 15 even numbers that lie between 45,039 and the magic number.
d) Identify and complete the pattern: 45,099 ; __________; 45,109 ; 45,114 ; __________; __________; ____________
e) Identify and complete the pattern: _________; 45,099 ; 45,103 ; ________; 45,111; __________.


The poet in the poem ‘The Hot Air Balloon’ finds her ride very peaceful. Write 5-6 sentences about what she might see when she looks down from her hot air balloon. Use your imagination.

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