Math homework for the day- 24th July 2018

Math homework for the day- 24th July 2018

Dear students,

We hope you had a great weekend this time too and are now geared up for the challenges this week pose to you. Well, before I give one of them away, let us quickly revise the steps we followed to solve recent Math mixed bag homework. Go through the answer key and make the corrections in your mixed bag homework notebook if not done yet:-

It is OK if you did not carry your notebook today, but ensure that you take it away back to home tomorrow.

It’s now time for today’s challenge. Solve the following word problem in your Math homework notebook and submit it tomorrow without fail:-

Meenu has planned for a house-warming party. She wanted to go grocery shopping for the items needed for the party. She bought 1.5 kg carrots, 3 kg fruits, 750 g of mixed spices and 500 g salt.

  1. What is the total amount of grocery she bought? What was the first step you took to solve this question? Why did you do so?
  2. She had Rs.5000 with her. Her total bill of the bought items added up to Rs.2546.84. What is the amount returned to her by the shopkeeper?
  3. She bought the grocery keeping in mind that 5 people were invited. However, she realized that she has forgotten to invite 2 more people. What is the weight of carrots and fruits that she will have to buy so as to feed everyone (all 7 people)? Which mathematical operation(s) will you choose to determine the answer? Why do you think so?

In case you face any difficulty anywhere while solving the word problem, follow the flowchart designed by you as yesterday’s homework. If you feel you have missed out on an important step in your flowchart, please update it. You can refer to this flowchart whenever you solve any word problem.

Since we are all going for a field trip (Movies) tomorrow, all of the below-mentioned tasks are to be submitted/presented on or after Thursday:-

  1. Prepare for your assessment speech if it has been informed by your teacher.
  2. Prepare for your book review that is to be held on 26th July. Seek your parents’ feedback so as to improvise your presentation and content.
  3. Any additional task assigned by your teacher.

To be noted:-

  1. Do not bring your Chromebook tomorrow.
  2. Go through the new food policy and bring the food in accordance to that (It’s the last Wednesday of the month tomorrow 🙂 )
  3. Do not forget to bring your ID card tomorrow to school. It is to be worn around the neck throughout your field trip.
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