Dear Parents ,

Do you remember what it felt like to squelch mud through your toes? Do you remember standing on the edge of the mud pit, looking in with hesitation, repulsion, wonder and awe.

Mud is amazing, how it can conjure up such polarizing feelings, how this simple substance can make us feel disgusted and revolted at the same time so joyous, inspired and alive. Amazing! This grubby, gooey, sticky substance always seemed to have magical powers on kids. In its presence, so much is possible.  Simply standing in it fires imagination! One become inspired.

     So, here we are very excited to share the upcoming event-

          The magic of dirt- MUD PLAY. Therefore, send

  1. a pair of old clothes
  2. set of undergarments
  3. towel
  4. floaters along with kids by tomorrow in a POLY BAG.



Jr KG Team.

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