Highlights and Homework for July 27, 2018

Highlights and Homework for July 27, 2018

Stars of the day:

Groups: Empathy and Respect: for following morning procedures.


Students went for the field trip for the Summative Assessment task of the unit ” Explorations”.



Solve the worksheet given to you as explained. You can use the journal sheet for calculations. It is mandatory to show the rough work.


Goals Catered –


1-Make predictions about a story, based on their own knowledge and experiences ; revise or confirm predictions as the story progresses.

2-Is able to comprehend the text.

Read and comprehend the story “The Magic Bowl” given on page number 25 of your “Empowering English” reference book.

  1. Go through the glossary.
  2. Use a dictionary if needed.
  3. Write the answers to the question no – 1,3,4,5,6,8,10,11 and 12 given on pg  29 and 30 in your EE notebook.
  4. Mention the date and question number clearly.
  5. Write neatly in complete sentences.

Have a Great Weekend

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