Highlights of the week (23- 27 July )

Highlights of the week (23- 27 July )

Circle Time-

  • Revision of the rhymes done till date.
  • Introduction of new rhyme:
  1. Little Raindrops …
  2. Violet Indigo Blue and Green….

Little rain drops , tumbling down (3),

On a lovely cloudy day.

They make the trees all fresh and green ,(3)

On a lovely cloudy day.

Lets see the frogs all hop and leap,(3)

On a lovely cloudy day.

All the snails are slowly crawling ,(3)

On a lovely cloudy day.

We hear the thunder laughing loud, (3)

On a lovely cloudy day.

Lets smell the earth all wet and fresh,(3)

On a lovely cloudy day.

– Anonymous


Violet Indigo (Blue and Green) – 3

Yellow Orange and Red …

– Anonymous

Phonological Awareness :

  • Activities related to Listening skills were conducted.

Language development:-

  • Drill:-where do you live?
  • I live in Surat.


Closing circle:

  • Story -“Masha and the bear”

Read aloud:

  • Read aloud from Jr. KG monthly book list.

Handwork– Lacing

Art– Drawing Horizontal  lines with oil pastels

  • Cooking:- Making Corn Bhel



  1. Introduction of Number ‘3’ using different manipulatives
  2. Introduction  of 2 attribute Patterns
  3. Oral counting from 1-20.
  4. Revision of Subitizing using manipulatives.


TDT: Who we are

Central Idea: We use our senses to discover and understand the world.

  • Introduction of  “Sense of touch ”
  • Formative assessment of Sense of taste

Important point

  • Note the fruit days of the following sections-

Monday – Jr. KG White,Orange, Yellow,Blue

Tuesday- Jr.KG Green,Violet, Indigo,Red

Kindly peel the Pomegranate if you are sending it on fruit day.


Happy Weekend !!


Jr. KG Team.


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