Highlights of the week(23rd July- 27th July)

Highlights of the week(23rd July- 27th July)

Circle Time-

Revision of Rhymes:


1)Morning has come

2) Good morning dear Earth

3) Each like a petal of one great flower

4) Little raindrops


Introduction of rhymes :


Ye re, ye re pausa,

Tula deto paisa.

Paisa jhaala khota,

Paus aala mota.



Violet, Indigo, blue and green….blue and green

Yellow, orange and red…(2)


Phonological Awareness :

  • Pound the sound activity
  • Blending activity


Read aloud:

Read aloud from Sr. KG monthly book list.


Cooking activity – Making aloo tikki


Handwork – Napkin washing and drying activity



Transdisciplinary theme: Sharing the Planet

Central idea: Plants sustain life on Earth and play a role in our lives.


  • Discussion on different types of plants(trees, shrubs, herbs, creepers, climbers) was done through a PPT.
  • Revision of the parts of the plants and needs of the plants was done.
  • Read aloud of books related to plants were done.



  • Introduction of backward numbers (40-31) and writing the same in the notebook.
  • Introduction of middle numbers.
  • Revision of operations like after/ before, greater than/less than,equal to was catered  through a quiz.


  • Revision of blending and segmenting.
  • Revision of letter formation using various mediums like flour/ sand/ paints/ slate & chalk.




  • Workbook page nos- 41 and 42


  • Worksheet


Important note:


  • Kindly ensure that you send fruits for home meal break on Fruit day ie


Thursday (Ignite, Blaze, Glimmer and Glitter)

            Friday (Sparkle, Kindle, Dazzle and Shine)


Have a fantabulous weekend !



Sr. KG Team


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