UNIT – TEST- International Mathematics

UNIT – TEST- International Mathematics

Grade10 – All
Assessment given by: urvi.shah@fountainheadschools.org
Assessment Date: Tue Aug 07 2018 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Unit Name / Topic List: Functions

Details: Dear students,

Kindly find all of the details related to the unit test of Functions below.

1) Total marks- 40

2) No. of papers- 1 which will contain Paper- 4 style questions.

3) GDC will be allowed.

4) Topics included-

a) Rational Functions
b) Absolute Functions
c) Composite Functions
d) Inverse Functions
e) Logarithm Functions and Transforming graphs.

5) The test will be conducted in HRM slot on Day- 4 in all the 5 sections together.

6) Duration of the paper- 45 minutes

1) Sharing of resources and GDC will not be allowed during the test.

2) This test is for Extended students.
Duration: 45 minutes

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