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Day: July 31, 2018

Math homework for the day- 31st July 2018

Math homework for the day- 31st July 2018

Dear students,

Here we are with another Maths task for you. This time, it has a different context and format which may require you to seek your parents’ help in order to get a better understanding. Don’t hold back! Give it an attempt. You never know what new learning this task brings to you! All the best 🙂 !

31st July_HW

For your reference:-

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P.S. – Ensure that you submit this task by a day after tomorrow i.e. Thursday.

Recap of the day July 31, 2018

Recap of the day July 31, 2018

[Recap of the day]


Students revised the concept of division.


The teacher introduced the figurative speech ‘Personification’. Later, she asked the students to scan personification phrases for which the prompts were given by the teacher.


Learners prepared for the summative assessment presentation.



Draw personification on the given worksheet as instructed.


1) Click on the given link and play division games:

2) Solve the following: (citation:

a) Reema has 3690 bottle caps. If she shares them among 23 friends, how many bottle caps does each friend get?


Highlights of the day 31-07-18

Highlights of the day 31-07-18

Day 5


  • Learners were tuned into the new unit.


  • Students watched a video on simile. Later, an activity related to the same was conducted.



Read the table below and answer the sums that follow:

Year                         No. of trees cut

2001                               50,491

2002                              30,623

2003                              71,899

2004                              97,800

2005                               26,788

2006                               69,550

2007                               49,909

2008                               28,009

2009                               15,555

Study the table carefully and answer the questions that follow:

a) What is the sum of the trees cut during the year 2002 and 2007?

b) Calculate the sum of trees cut during the year 2003 and 2005.

c) Calculate the total number of trees cut in the year 2008 and 2009.

d) Find the total number of trees cut before the year 2003 began.

e) Find out the sum of trees cut during the year 2007 and 2005.

Homework for July 31, 2018

Homework for July 31, 2018


Dear Students,

Hope you all enjoyed the Chromebook session today! I acknowledge your excitement to use the Chromebooks for academics and hence, assigned the tasks to be completed online, using your Chromebooks 😀

For Homework today,

  • Complete the 9 modules of Fractions on Khan Academy.
  • Answer the question posted on Google Classroom.
  • Bring fully-charged Chromebooks.

See you all tomorrow!


-Aishwarya Jariwala

Homework of 31st July

Homework of 31st July

Complete the Math word problem from the slip given to you, in your Math H.W notebook.

Complete the end of unit reflection sheet, as discussed in the class.

Math homework posted by Ishita ma’am has to be done in the Math homework notebook.

Write about the action you have taken/will take, related to the unit ‘How we organize ourselves’, on a half A4 sheet and submit it in class tomorrow.

Highlights of the day – 31/07/2018

Highlights of the day – 31/07/2018


Some pages from Chapter 1 of the reader ‘Magic Faraway Tree’ was read using a comprehension strategy.


Learners comprehended the given situation and solved the sums.



Sandy and Tina plan to host a Graduation Party for their best friend Cindy. Help them prepare a budget for the party.


            Banquet Hall Cost
Twin Tower Palace ₹ 25,050
Imperial Mall ₹ 21,500
               Cuisine Cost
Italian                               ₹ 28,123
Mexican                               ₹ 30,309
Indian                               ₹ 19,678
Chinese                               ₹  8,765
              Beverages Cost
Mocktails                               ₹ 8,947
Cold drinks                               ₹ 9,033
Mineral Water                               ₹ 5,000
             Music Cost
DJ Max                              25,390
DJ Akil                              ₹ 16,432


  1. Calculate the total expense if they book the banquet at Imperial Mall, order Italian and Chinese cuisine.
  2. What expense they will have to bear if they order Cold drinks and DJ Max along with Indian cuisine and hold the party at their home.
  3. If they want to place an order for  Banquet Hall, Cuisine, Beverage & Music, select the least expensive from all the categories and calculate the expense.
  4. Nick, Sandy’s neighbour has agreed to be the DJ at the party and Tia’s Mom has agreed to make her special  Cranberry Mocktail. So now how much will they have to pay if they select the most expensive choice available for the other requirements.

Complete the language worksheet.

Have a good day! 🙂

Megha Chhatiawala


Highlight of the day – 31/07/2018

Highlight of the day – 31/07/2018


  • Learners comprehended the given situation and solved the sums.


  • Learners enjoyed creating their own poem using both alliteration and simile together.



  • Solve the given sheet in your Math homework book as explained in the class. (Do no copy the questions and stick the paper in the book )


  • In a given paper write below simile poem on snow and decorate it.

Snow Simile

Snow is as crunchy as _______________________ .

Snow is as cold as ________________________ .

Snow is white like _____________________ .

Snow is as ______________ as ______________ .

Snow is as _______________ as _______________ .

Snow is ___________________ like _____________ .

Snow is _________________ like ________________ .



Homework for Ruminate – 31/07/2018

Homework for Ruminate – 31/07/2018

  • You are given a certificate for your participation in the special screening of the movie ‘Mysteries of the unseen world” by National Geographic, kindly file them at home.  You are also provided with some other documents. Out of all those, one is the KWL chart. In that, only ‘What I know’ and ‘What I want to know’ has to be filled by you. ‘What I learned’ doesn’t have to be done. You need to get all the documents back tomorrow i.e., on Wednesday(1/08/2018) in the same folder, without fail.


  • You need to solve the homework posted by Ishita ma’am in your Math homework Notebook.


  • Complete the portfolio piece selection and the caption/comment work by today. To be submitted tomorrow along with other homework.  (ignore if done already)

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