Highlights and homework – Day 6 – August 8th

Highlights and homework – Day 6 – August 8th

Math: Learners were introduced to the conversion of metric units. They were informed about the base 10 system of measurement including  kilo-, hecto-, deca-, deci-, centi-, and milli-, with a base unit of measurements, such as metre, litre, or gram. Later, they practised conversion of the unit through sums and word problems.  One of the examples used was ‘If a milkman delivers 15 l of milk daily, how many millilitres of milk does he deliver daily?’

1 l = 1,000 ml

15 x 1 l = 15 x 1,000 ml

So, 15 l = 15,000 ml

UOI: Learners reflected about yesterday’s engagement and further derived ‘Children worldwide face challenges, risks and opportunities.’ They also stated they need to be resilient to face any situation and further identified learner profile – courageous and caring and attitude – tolerance and empathy, that they would like to develop in the unit.


UOI: Discuss with your parents, challenges and risks faced by children. Take notes on a piece of paper provided to you.


Task 1: Revisit the image (3rd image) The Metric System Notes and revise the understanding of base 10 system in metric units.

Task 2:

  1. 10 kg = ______ g
  2. If a water tank can store 22 l of water, how much ml of water can it store?
  3. 52 cm = ___ mm
  4. My mother bought cloth of 69 meters. Can you help me understand how many centimetres of cloth did she buy?
  5. If a man weighs 75 kg, what is his weight in grams?
  6. The Rock drinks 1 litre of milk daily. How many millilitres of milk does he drink daily?
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