Recap of the day – 9/8/18

Recap of the day – 9/8/18

Math – Learners revised the standard unit of Measurement. (Length, capacity, and Mass.) Later they solved the sums based on the same.

U O I  – Learners reflected about the tuning in activity for the new unit using the graphic organizer (The learning wheel.)

ICT Session was conducted.

Homework –

Convert Kg to g                 

A)  34 Kg                     

B) 45  Kg    200g                     

C)  67  Kg                       

D)9Kg 250 g

Convert Km to m            A)   100 Km                     B)66Km                              C)22Km 10 m                            

Convert M to cm              A)  500M                    B)   56m33cm                          C) 40m 22cm                            




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