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Day: August 12, 2018

Highlights of the cycle- 7

Highlights of the cycle- 7

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go!”

                                                    – Dr. Seuss

Tuning into our reader ‘Holes’ by Loius Sachar marked the beginning of the new cycle. The learners explored different learning centres which helped them to know more about the author and a few elements of the story which led to a rise in their curiosity and enthusiasm. They began reading the book with utmost zeal and are looking forward to unravelling the hidden mysteries.

After ending the previous unit on ‘Government systems’, we moved on to explore yet another one based on ‘Conflicts’. The central idea, lines of inquiry, related concepts, key concepts and transdisciplinary theme were discussed in detail in the classrooms. They were oriented toward the ‘Interpersonal conflict’ booklet. This booklet will be used throughout the unit and the students need to write about any conflict/issue they encounter. They are expected to make connections with the 5 essential elements of this unit. Furthermore, they learned about 5 types of conflict namely, Interpersonal, intrapersonal, social, economic and political. The life class sessions were also held at the end of this cycle so as to equip the students with ways to manage and handle a conflicting situation. The students geared up for the case study on ‘Telangana turmoil’ wherein they were seen making connections with the concept ‘Impact of government’s decisions on citizens’ of the past unit.

Students’ conceptual understanding was checked through a formative assessment based on the real-life application of fraction, decimal and percentages at the end of the cycle.

We hope students enjoy this roller-coaster ride of emotions and how to handle them effectively. Looking forward to a happening week ahead!

– Grade-6