Highlights and homework – Day 2 – August 23rd

Highlights and homework – Day 2 – August 23rd

UOI: Learners read the articles about struggles with education, girl education in eastern countries, boys deprived of education worldwide and the impact of social media on children. Furthermore, using the tool ‘Give one get one’ they shared their findings among the peers.

Math: Learners were introduced to data collection method ‘Interview.’ They learned the etiquettes of the interview. Further, they understood the difference between primary and secondary data.


UOI: Based on the research done in the class so far, identify the problem you would like to work on regarding the risks and challenges faced by children worldwide. Take the help of your parents and fill up the form sent to you about the same.


Task 1: Watch the video on primary and secondary data and take note using either a T chart or Venn diagram.

Task 2: Revise the etiquettes of an interview

Task 3: Solve the sums in your Math HW notebook

  1. 26 kg 50 g is equal to _______ milligrams.
  2. Subtract 26 litres 450 ml from 28 litres 50 ml.
  3. Add 20 cm 2mm to 30 cm 9mm.
  4. Sia measured a line for his art project. It is 200 centimetres long. How many milimetres is the line?
  5. Shreya is moving to a new house. Her old house is 3 kilometers from her new house. How many meters is the old house from the new house?
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