Highlights and homework – Day 3 – August 24th

Highlights and homework – Day 3 – August 24th

Language: Learners read the chapter 7 ‘Nasty surprises’ from the reader using the strategy “Determining Importance” and paraphrased the main idea. Further, they identified the figurative language used in the chapter.

Dictation was given.

Math: Learners understood the interview as a means of primary data collection method. Further, they learned factual and exploratory questions.


Language: Read the story ” Tony, The Human Wasp ” (   Hard copy is given to you) and answer the following questions in Language Writing Notebook.


  1. Who inspired Tony to become brave and face his bullies?

  2. Which Learner Profile attribute did Tony demonstrate?

  3. Which Attitude did Tony accomplish by the end of the story?

  4. What is the main idea of the story?

Infer the meaning of the following phrase, “threatening to give him a good hiding”.

LOI-2 “How children respond to these challenges, risks and opportunities”.- Perspective

Keeping the second LOI in mind answer the following questions:

  1. What happened to the boy who stole Tony’s lunch?

  2. How did Tony deal with the bully who threatened to beat him up?

  3. Have you ever been bullied? Share your experience in 4-5 lines.

Math: Complete the worksheet given to you. (Submit by Tuesday 28th September)

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