Sr. KG: Highlights Of The Week (20th-24th August)

Sr. KG: Highlights Of The Week (20th-24th August)

Circle Time

Revision of Rhymes:

  1. Good morning dear Earth.
  2. Each like a petal, of one great flower.


Introduction of rhymes:

  • Bhai Behn Ni Jodi

Bhai behn ni jodi



Karti doda di

Bhai behn ni jodi

Karti doda di

Bhai behn ni jodi

Karti doda di

Ek che halesu ne ek che hodi

Bhai behn ni jodi

Karti doda di  (2)

Ahi jay, tai jay

Doodh piye, dahi khay

Dahi ni chaas thai…

Bhai behn ne haash thai

Chaas ma che maakhan

Bhai dodh daapan

Ek mek ne chidavaano banne ne chatko (2)

Behn piye lassi

Ne bhai mange masko..(2)

Bhai behn ni jodi

Karti doda di…… (3)



  • Mother Earth

Mother Earth , Mother Earth, take our seed and give it birth!


Father Sun, gleam and glow, till the roots begin to grow!

Sister Rain, Sister Rain , shed thy tears to swell the grain!

Brother Wind, breathe and blow , till the crops begin to grow!

Earth and sun, wind and rain, help to grow our living grain!

-Steiner Verses



Structured drill : “What day was (it) yesterday?”


Phonological Awareness :

  • “Guess who?” game
  • Sound addition game.


Read aloud:

Read aloud from Sr. KG monthly book list.


Cooking activity : Coconut laddoo making


Handwork : Rakhi making


Closing circle story : The 4 Friends



Transdisciplinary theme: How we express ourselves

Central idea: Celebrations and traditions are expressions of shared beliefs and values.


  • Onam celebration: Significance and story was catered.
  • Parent event: Onam Mela was celebrated.
  • Mind map of the word ‘Celebrations’ and ‘Traditions’.
  • Rakshabandhan: Significance and story was catered.



  • Introduction of O’clock.
  • Revision of O’clock through various manipulatives.
  • Revision of number names One-Ten through body movement.
  • Writing of numbers names One-Ten on slate.



  • Introduction of initial consonant blends :
st sp sk sc sn sm sw
  • Revision of previously taught blends – cl, bl, fl, pl, gl, sl           
  • Introduction of capital letters (uppercase) [A to E]
  • Revision of blending and segmenting
  • Revision of letter formation (uppercase) using various mediums like flour/ sand/ paints/ slate & chalk.




  • Workbook page number: 29


  • Worksheet


Important note:

  • Kindly ensure that you send fruits for home meal break on the respective Fruit days.

Thursday (Ignite, Blaze, Glimmer and Glitter)

Friday (Sparkle, Kindle, Dazzle and Shine)

Happy Rakshabandhan! Have a superb weekend !


Sr.KG Team

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