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Day: August 28, 2018

Today’s Math homework 28/08/2018

Today’s Math homework 28/08/2018

Do the following tasks in your math notebook.

Task 1: Arrange in ascending order:
a) 245, 178,110, 189, 278

b) 367, 120, 267, 202, 345.
Task 2: Arrange in descending order:
a) 278, 346, 199, 101, 200.

b) 298, 387, 308, 205, 218

Task 3: Put the correct sign: ( >, < ,=)
a) 245 ___ 356    b) 119 _____ 191   c) 277 ____ 265  d) 206 _____ 260  e) 289 _____ 289.


 Grade 1 Team

Homework for the day – 28th August 2018

Homework for the day – 28th August 2018

  • Redo: You have to research on the topic “Advancement in technology – Boon or a Bane.” You have to write seperate points considering ‘For’ as well as ‘Against’ for the given topic, in your Language + UOI H.W notebook.Use the strategy ‘Claim – evidence – reasoning’ taught in class. Note taking to be kept in mind while preparing your points. You are encouraged to discussed this topic with parents and gain insights for the same.
Homework of 28th August

Homework of 28th August

  • Prepare for the topic – “Advancement in technology – Boon or a Bane”

Keep in mind the teacher and peer feedback given to you in class today, and work on areas of improvement. Recall and revise the points to be followed for a healthy Debate. Claim evidence reasoning has to be done. Go through the vocabulary sheet and identify the vocabulary you will be using for the debate.

  • Read Chapter 8, 9 and 10 of ‘Holes’.
Math : Expansion and Factorization

Math : Expansion and Factorization

Grade7 – G7 Acuity,G7 Cognizance
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Wed Aug 29 2018 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: Yes
Details: Dear All,
You are required to solve all the questions on slide number 221 and 223 in your notebook. Cross check your answers with the answer key on the next slides.
Central Presentation Link: Click here to view
Expected Time: 30 minutes

Homework for the day

Homework for the day


Prepare for the topic – “Advancement in technology – Boon or a Bane”

Keep the feedback given in mind. Consider note taking which helps in supporting points. Recall and revise the points to be followed for a healthy Debate.

Happy learning!!!


Highlights of the Day – 28/08/18

Highlights of the Day – 28/08/18

Day 5,


Formative assessment was conducted.


Students explored online books on Simple Machines through Get Epic.


  • The students were tuned into the new unit on ‘Measurement’ through an example and classroom discussion. The students also reflected on their prior knowledge and understood the importance of using standard units of measurement.
  • The teacher posed a problem in front of the students and together they worked to find the solution to the problem. In finding the solution, students understood the purpose behind using a ruler and learned how to use it. They also made their own rulers.They measured different objects available in the class using the same ruler


Students showcased their understanding of the Magic Faraway Tree Ch-5 through a graphic organizer.



Measure the length and breadth of your lunch box, pencil-box, your favorite story-book, a photo-frame and Television remote. Write the measurements in your notebook.


Frame sentences using the following adverbs.

  1. happily
  2. angrily
  3. quietly
  4. politely
  5. carefully


Recap of the day – 28th August, 2018

Recap of the day – 28th August, 2018

Day 5, Tuesday

Math: Students learned to framed interview questions.

Language: Students read the chapter 7 “Nasty surprises” from the reader using the strategy “Determining Importance” and paraphrased the main idea.

UOI: They attended the guest speaker session which was conducted by Mr. Sagar from Pathshala who works for underprivileged children.

Homework: Interview the person for whom you have framed the questions (Submission by 30th August)