Grade 6 Deliberate – 30th August’18

Grade 6 Deliberate – 30th August’18


A) Solve the Mixed Bag sheet in the Mixed Bag notebook. The sheet has been shared with you through Google Drive. It has also been uploaded on the Blendspace link, tile – 11.

Blendspace link – bag sheet

B) Go through the image and map the activity done in class today(towards the end of the day) with the steps stated in the image. This task will be done in the Math homework notebook.

Link :

C) Complete the research work along with presentation work(optional) for the topic chosen in class today. The resource links have been shared with you. You can go ahead and research as per your need. You can use the Language+UOI C.W notebook for note-taking.

D) Remember to get the summative assessment of UOI and Language signed by the parents. Bring back both the papers to school on Monday without fail.

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