IH Homework: Case Study Written Task

IH Homework: Case Study Written Task

Dear Students,
Please answer the following questions based on the case study in your IH Notebooks and show it to me in the next class:
Recap: TNC
What is TNC?
Where are their manufacturing units?
What helped the TNCs to grow?
For what reasons are the TNCs targeted?

What do we know about the TNCs?(When, where and how did TNC become global?)
What is their intention/purpose to be Global?
Are they working as they advocate (say)?
What issues are faced by TNCs?
Who is affected by TNCs? And How?
Why do we want to understand these details about TNCs?

Also take notes from the attached video links. We shall discuss all the answers in the next class. Please consider this as your priority and finish it.

Also, please watch the following videos:

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