Summative Assessment- Math standard/extended

Summative Assessment- Math standard/extended

Grade9 – All
Assessment given by:
Assessment Date: Mon Sep 10 2018 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Unit Name / Topic List: Unit 2 – What are the chances?
Criterion C: Communicating and Criterion D: Applying Mathematics in real-life contexts
Details: Important – Kindly get the stationery.

Details of criteria-

Criterion C: Communicating
i. use appropriate mathematical language (notation, symbols and terminology) in both oral and written explanations
ii. use appropriate forms of mathematical representation to present information
iii. move between different forms of mathematical representation
iv. communicate complete, coherent and concise mathematical lines of reasoning

Criterion D: Applying mathematics in real-life contexts
i. identify relevant elements of authentic real-life situations
ii. select appropriate mathematical strategies when solving authentic real-life situations
iii. apply the selected mathematical strategies successfully to reach a solution
iv. justify the degree of accuracy of a solution

Duration: 90 minutes

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