“Grade 12 Term 1 Chemistry syllabus and paper style”

“Grade 12 Term 1 Chemistry syllabus and paper style”

Dear students and parents

Please take note of the following details regarding the Chemistry syllabus and assessment details for the term 3 exam.

Syllabus-Equilibrium (7 and 17), Acids and bases (8 and 18), Redox (9 and 19), Option C (C.1 Energy sources, C.2 Fossil Fuels, C.3 Nuclear fusion and fission, C.4 Solar energy and C.5 Global warming) or Option B (B.1, B.2, B.4 and B.5, B7 (AHL only ) (refer to 2016 subject guide for further reference)

Assessment details

SL students

Paper 1 -MCQ(30 Marks), duration- 45 minutes, weightage -20%

Paper 2-subjective(50 Marks),  duration- 1 hour 15 minutes, weightage -60%

HL students

Paper 1-MCQ(40 Marks), duration- 1 hour, weightage- 25%

Paper 2-subjective (75 Marks), duration- 1 hour 45 minutes, weightage-50%

Paper 3- data based and option (35 marks) duration- 1 hour (common for both SL and HL students) weightage-20% for SL and 25% for HL.


Abheek Chakraborty

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