Grade 8_Mathematics_Important_First Term Assessment Syllabus_October 2018

Grade 8_Mathematics_Important_First Term Assessment Syllabus_October 2018

Dear Students and Parents,

Please find the first term assessment syllabus and details below:

Grade 8 Criterion-wise units
Criteria Units to be assessed
Criterion A: Knowing and Understanding

Unit 1 –  Can Mathematics be beautiful?

Unit 2 – What are the chances?

Criterion B: Investigating patterns Unit 1 –  Can Mathematics be beautiful?
Criterion C: Communicating Unit 1 –  Can Mathematics be beautiful?
Criterion D: Applying mathematics in the real-life contexts

Unit 1 –  Can Mathematics be beautiful?

Unit 2 – What are the chances?


Unit wise topic list:

Unit 1: Can Mathematics be beautiful?

  • The Cartesian Plane, Number grids, Positive and Negative Coordinates in Quadrants
  • Constructing a table of values, Plotting points from a table of values
  • Gradient/Slope, Intercepts, Gradient/Slope-intercept form
  • Perpendicular and parallel lines, Vertical and Horizontal lines, Standard form of an equation, Linear Equations, Equation of a line.
  • Transformations: Translation, Reflection, Rotation, Enlargement.

Unit 2: What are the chances?

  • Likelihood of an event, Theoretical probability
  • Biased/Unbiased Events
  • Dependent/Independent Events, Complementary Events.
  • Fundamental principle of counting
  • Set Theory
  • Probability Tree
  • Expected Value

Assessment Details:

  • Paper will consist of short, medium and long response questions.
  • The assessment will be divided into 2 components

(i) Component 1: On-Screen assessment to assess Criteria A & B – 60 minutes (Duration will be 90 minutes- to cater to any technical issues that may arise)

(ii) Component 2: Pen and Paper assessment to assess Criteria C & D – 60 minutes

  • Questions will be asked based on the Criteria of individual unit assessed during Summative assessments. Eg: If a Unit-X has catered to learning objective A- strand (i), (ii) and objective B-strand (i) only, then the questions from this unit will only be asked in Criteria A and B.
  • All the resources shared on Curricle (subject resource sheet and central presentations), Google Classroom as well as the worksheets provided(online or in hard copy) will be considered as a part of the syllabus and will be sufficient to prepare for the assessment.


Important notes for component 1 (on-screen assessment):

  • Fully charged Chromebook will be required for component 1 paper along with your personal stationery and earphones. In case your Chromebook is given for repair, bring a receipt for the same.
  • Rough papers will be given if needed for rough work. These will not be taken as submissions.


Important notes for component 2 (pen and paper assessment):

  • Calculators will not be allowed.
  • The entire paper is to be written in the space provided in the question paper booklet. Neither additional supplementary will be provided nor any extra paper will be considered as a part of your solution.
  • All the instructions will be available on the cover page of the question paper booklet. Please read these instructions before attempting the paper.
  • Sharing of any resource will not be allowed.
  • You need to carry your personal stationery.


In case of any query/concern, please feel free to approach any of the Grade – 8 Mathematics educator.


Thanks and regards,

Grade 8 Mathematics team.

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