Integrated Humanities- First term assessment syllabus and details

Integrated Humanities- First term assessment syllabus and details

Dear Students and Parents,

Please find the first term assessment syllabus and details below:

Grade 8
Criteria Units covering these criteria
Criterion A: Knowing and understanding

Trade and economics

Hazards and responses

Criterion B: Investigating Business
Criterion C: Communicating

Trade and economics


Criterion D: Thinking critically

Trade and economics

Hazards and responses


Grade 8
Unit Name Topic List
Trade and economics

Difference between needs, wants and desire

Why is trade needed

Benefits of trade

How did trade begin

Demand and supply

Import and export


Surplus, shortage and equilibrium

connections of trade, scarcity, prices, demand and supply

connections of scarce products and high prices

connections of over supply and low prices

Demand and supply curves

Specialization and comparative advantage

Limitation of comparative advantage

Diminishing marginal utility


Free trade

Political impact of trade

Globalisation and sustainability

Difference between international and domestic trade

Domestic and international trade barriers

Hazards and response system

Geological processes of the earth- earth’s structure, plate tectonics, what causes the continental drift, plate boundaries and plate movements.

Difference between hazard and disaster

Causes and consequences of earthquake, volcano, flood and tsunami

Factors affecting disaster- time, population and wealth of nation

Different case studies to understand the causes, consequences and difference in response system

Role of technology in preventing hazards from becoming disasters

Role of government from preventing hazards from becoming disasters

Role of insurance in disaster management and mitigation


What is business

What it takes to run a business

Factors of production

Case studies of entrepreneurs

Simon Sanek golden circle- start with why

What to include in a business plan

Importance of marketing in making the business successful

Examination Detail:

– The exam will have only 1 component:

On-Screen Examination to assess Criteria A, C and D- 120 mins

  • Questions will be asked based on the Criteria of individual unit assessed during Summative Assessments. Eg: If a Unit-X has catered to learning objective A- strand (i), (ii) and objective B-strand (i) only, then the questions from this unit will only be asked in Criteria A and B.
  • Fully charged Chromebook will be required along with personal stationery and earphones. In case your Chromebook is given for repair, bring a receipt for the same.
  • All the resources shared on Curricle(subject resource sheet and google presentation), Google Classroom as well as the worksheets provided(online or in hard copy) will be considered as a part of the syllabus and will be sufficient to prepare for the examination.
  • Paper will include MCQ-type questions, short and long responses.


Humanities team

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