Integrated Humanities- First term assessment syllabus and details

Integrated Humanities- First term assessment syllabus and details

Dear Students and Parents,

Please find the first term assessment syllabus and details below:


Grade 7
Criteria Units covering these criteria
Criterion A: Knowing and understanding



Criterion B: Investigating Biomes
Criterion C: Communicating Biomes
Criterion D: Thinking critically




Grade 7
Unit Name Topic List

Understanding biome and ecosystem

Types of biome

Components of biome and its interdependence

Factors affecting climate- latitude, longitude, climate zones, air pressure, air temperature, GPS and time zones, wind current, distance from sea, mountain barriers, ocean currents,temperature , precipitation, humidity, wind

Understanding maps and locating places using coordinates

Case study of desert biome

Case study of mangroves

Importance of diversity in a biome

Threats to sustainability of biomes and why we should find ways for maintaining sustainability


What is globalization

Causes of globalization- trade, cheap labour, transport, communication

Is globalization new?

Impact of globalization on different aspects

Impact of globalization on trade- multinational and transnational corporations, how they operate their business, advantages and disadvantages of TNCs, sweatshop.

Impact of globalization on sports-investigating popular sports and their origin country, changes in sports due to globalization, role of globalization on sports and their popularity

Impact of globalization on gaming- video games popular today, impact of globalization on gaming, effect of gaming on kids due to accelerated globalization

Impact of globalization on culture-How is culture changing due to the impact of globalization, how is it impacting language, is it good bad or bad?

Examination Detail:

– The exam will be divided into 2 components:

(i) Component 1: Pen and Paper Test to assess Criteria A & C- 60 mins

(ii) Component 2: On-Screen Examination to assess Criteria B & D- 60 mins

  • Questions will be asked based on the Criteria of individual unit assessed during Summative Assessments. Eg: If a Unit-X has catered to learning objective A- strand (i), (ii) and objective B-strand (i) only, then the questions from this unit will only be asked in Criteria A and B.
  • Fully charged Chromebook will be required along with personal stationery and earphones. In case your Chromebook is given for repair, bring a receipt for the same.
  • All the resources shared on Curricle(subject resource sheet and google presentation), Google Classroom as well as the worksheets provided(online or in hard copy) will be considered as a part of the syllabus and will be sufficient to prepare for the examination.
  • Paper will include MCQ-type questions, short and long responses.
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