Highlights for cycle 10

Highlights for cycle 10

Dear Parent,

Here we come to an end to yet another Unit.

This cycle ended with great vigor where the students demonstrated their understanding of the Conflict unit as a part of their summative assessment by choosing from diverse topics like India-China border disputes- Doklam issue, World War I to Nelson Mandela: “a symbol of the struggle against racism”. The students were seen demonstrating their Social Skills by collaborating and accepting various group roles for their analysis of the chosen topic. During your presence, the students presented the assimilation of their findings by using various media. They were seen making connections with the Central Idea.

Well, the students didn’t only hone their skills of presentation but also dived further into the working of how story elements play a vital role in the creation of any story. They familiarized themselves by identifying and describing the story elements like setting, plot, character, and theme for the character of Elya Yelnats from the reader.

Indeed, it was a cycle full of exploring and expanding the horizon of our little wonders!!

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