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Day: September 11, 2018

Math : Probability

Math : Probability

Grade8 – G8 Verve
Homework assigned by:
Submission Date: Wed Sep 12 2018 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Internet Required: No
Details: Kindly complete the following from Haese reference book in your Math notebook with necessary steps. Also cross-check your answers from back side and put your sign stating self checked.

i) Q1, Q3 & Q5 of exercise 16 E1
ii) Q2 & Q4 of exercise 16 E2
Central Presentation Link: Click here to view
Expected Time: 40 minutes

Homework for September 11, 2018

Homework for September 11, 2018


Today you learned something new – how to make a survey questionnaire using Google Forms. 🙂

Next, after a short discussion about the Big 6 research model, I explained the prewriting process to you using the Mindmup app.


  • Complete the assignments posted on the Google Classroom page.


-Aishwarya Jariwala

Homework for 11th September’ 18

Homework for 11th September’ 18

  • Put the posters in the folder which has already been shared with you all. Ensure that it’s not a pdf file.
  • Write the comment for the poster that you have chosen for the portfolio piece in the comments sheet shared with you all.
  • Corrections of the Mixed Bag.
  • Read book on Getepic using the link: and take down important points (This book talks about, evaluation, skimming scanning, smart online searching, etc.)
  • Steps to login:
    1. Go to
    2. Students log in with your class code.
    3. Getepic student code: imb3293 


Dear All,
The workshop on Androids App Development is postponed due to less registrations and will be conducted on 29th and 30th of September. The last date for the registration is 18th Sep’18 extended date.

Llink for the registration form:
Fountainhead School.
Today’s homework 11/9/2018

Today’s homework 11/9/2018

( Math)

Do the following tasks in your math notebook.

Task 1:  Sort the numbers into odd & even: 27, 46, 516, 103, 178, 505, 413, 999, 252, 100.
Task 2: Write number names: a) 845 b) 788 c) 555 d) 992                                                                                                      Task 3: Write forward counting from numbers 650 to 670.


Grade 1 Team.

Highlight and Homework

Highlight and Homework

Star of the day : Star of the day goes to Palak as she is persistent in doing classwork and homework.


UOI : Students were taken to the physics lab to explore various objects.


Math :

Students have to solve the following sums in their math homework book.

1. 7 cm 6 mm = ___mm 2. 3m 86 cm = ___ cm 3. Alia lives at one end of Park Avenue while Bina lives at the other end. It is 8 kilometers from one end of Park Avenue to the other. If Alia has covered 2 km 972 m towards Bina’s house, how many metres more does she need to walk to get there? 4.We are driving to Las Vegas. The sign says that it is one hundred forty-five kilometres to Las Vegas. How many metres is it to Las Vegas?
5. Subtract 12km 500m from 21km 12m
6. Add 10 cm 9 mm to 12 cm 5 mm


Ekta Bathija

Highlights & Homework of the day 11th Sep 2018

Highlights & Homework of the day 11th Sep 2018

Day 2 Tuesday


  • Re-do of Formative Assessment was done.

Unit of Inquiry:

  • End of unit reflection was conducted.


  • The retelling of the book was conducted.



Solve the following sums:

a) 83,002 – 41,255                    b) 12,300 – 5,489

c) 70,622 – 63,887                    d) 23,090 – 13,779

e) 99,000 – 89,999                   f) 50,600 – 25,432


  • Write 5-7 sentences on the topic ‘My School’ using adverbs.

Have a good day!

Highlight and Homework of 11-9-2018 ( Day- 2)

Highlight and Homework of 11-9-2018 ( Day- 2)

Group of the day – Krupa Shah, Janvi Chopra, Veer Relia and Aarav Mittal 🙂

Stars of the day – Atharva Dalal, Aanya Ruwala, Tushya Patel, Veer Relia and Utsav Churiwal for Completing reading book for the month of September and for giving review.

[Highlight Of The Day]

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Students were tuned into the new unit ” Energy ” under the TDT “How the world works”


Students were introduced to the perimeter of square and rectangle through a hands on learning experience. Later, they derived the formula for finding perimeter of a square and rectangle.


A-Watch the video given below and explain the process of Photosynthesis in your own words.

B- List down where do we use Solar Energy.

With Regards,

Dimple Deshpande,

Have A Great Day!

Homework for the day – 11th September 2018

Homework for the day – 11th September 2018

Dear Students,

Please go through this presentation and revise the types of errors while forming survey questions and types of survey questions.


After going through the above-mentioned presentation, attempt the tasks mentioned in the document link.

Link to the worksheet: 


Thanks and regards

Himani Mehta