Highlight and Homework

Highlight and Homework

Dear parents,

[Highlight Of The Week]

Chapter 9 of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was completed using the strategy (Asking questions, make a comment, Make a prediction and making connections)

Students were also introduced to the concept of Perimeter of a square and rectangle. (Priyanshi Bhavsar took an Action by applying her understanding of Perimeter and came up with the equation of perimeter of a triangle on her own)

Students also revised Infographs and primary and secondary data sources. They appeared for a Formative Assessment of the same.

Students were introduced to their new Unit – Energy. In addition, they got equipped with getepic.com for reading and research purposes.

Language and ICT integration was taken up through creating Google Slides of their descriptive writing using Labour day images.




Students are expected to make corrections to their descriptive passage/sentence by making a new PPT or revising their work in their language writing notebook.

Kindly support your child by checking their Re-do work and giving appropriate feedback.

The PPT they had created for descriptive writing has been shared with you. (Do not forget to acknowledge their work through a sign/comment on their work and give written feedback on the slide/notebook)

[Unit Of Inquiry]

Explore any 3-4 links shared below (book from getepic, videos from youtube and images) and answer the following questions in your UOI notebook.

  1. What is energy?
  2. Fill in the blank:
    • Energy can neither be _____ nor ___________.
    •  It can only be _________  from one form to another.
  3. Name any 2 renewable sources of energy.
  4. Name any 2 non- renewable sources of energy.
  5. Which energy would you want to research deeper into and why? (Mention reason)
  6. Which learner profile would you develop during this unit? (Infer)
  7. Which 2 skills will you require during this unit and why? (Thinking, social, research, self-management and communication skills)
  8. The research links shared with you are primary source or secondary?

Clean energy: https://www.getepic.com/app/read/19054

What is energy? https://www.getepic.com/app/read/6709

Solar energy: https://www.getepic.com/app/read/33781

The transfer of energy: https://www.getepic.com/app/read/27937 (My recommendation)

Challenge: https://www.getepic.com/app/user-collection/91347

Image result for sources of energy

citation: https://byjus.com/physics/natural-sources-of-energy/

Image result for energy meaning

Citation: https://www.classify24.com/2015/10/meaning-of-energy-types-of-energy-and-sources-of-energy/


Disclaimer: I have created these links as a repository, students are not expected to go through each one of them as it may be overwhelming. Allow them to choose and explore. They have to use their research skills and may even want to skim and scan the links to get a better understanding. The aim, to find their own answers to the questions given above.



Mixed bag link: Cycle 11 Mixbag



Stars of the day: Ananya Agrawal(for being a helpful peer), Vaibhavi Reliewala(for showcasing commitment towards her work), Ishani Mevada (for the progress she has exhibited) and Ahaan Arora ( for writing a progressively fair descriptive sentence).


Quote of the day:

Image result for quote

Happy weekend!


Yours sincerely,

Fatema Topiwala

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