Science Trivia 2018-19

Science Trivia 2018-19

Dear students,

We, the MYP Science team has organised Science Trivia – 2018-19 for Grade 7,8 and 9.

Science Trivia 2018-19 will be conducted as below:



Selection Round


25th Sept 2018

(Day 4)

Final Round


9th Oct 2018

(Day 1)


Details for Selection Round:

  • Selection round will be MCQ based pen and paper test, wherein students will be expected to solve worksheet individually.

  • The results will be declared on 3rd Oct 2018.

  • From each grade, 4 highest scorers of each House will be selected to represent their House in the Final round.


Details for the Final round:

  • The final round will be conducted on 9th Oct 2018.

  • Venues for Final Round are as follows:



Grade 7


Grade 8

Y box

Grade 9

X box


The Winners of the Final round will be awarded certificates and points will given to the respective house.

So put on your inquiring and research tools to unlock the knowledge at the speed of thought and get ready yourself for Science Trivia 2018-19.


MYP Science Team

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