‘Grade 4, Valour: Highlights and homework – 18th Sept. 2018’

‘Grade 4, Valour: Highlights and homework – 18th Sept. 2018’

Day 6, Tuesday.

Star of the day: Day 5 – Yuvraj.

Star of the day: Day 6 – Jihan

Group of the day: Day 5 – Flavourful friends.

Group of the day: Day 6 – Sporty kids.


Math: Learners practiced perimeter of square and rectangle through real-life word problems.


  1. Learners revisited figurative language alliteration and onomatopoeia.
  2. Learners revised the strategy “Asking questions “. While reading chapter 9,  they tried to frame relevant and appropriate questions.


Math: Click on the given below link and practice perimeter.



a)Write meanings for the following words and frame sentences using any two words:-

1)crouching    2) growled 3) threatening   4)mincing 5) whopping

b) Read pg 14 and 15 (Its all in the alliteration) and pg 35 (Super Similes) from Empowering English Reference Book.

C) Write an onomatopoeia word that describes the sound that each item makes. Some words may have more than one sound.

Examples: 1- Phone – Rings

                      2- Pencil on paper- Scratch


4- Racecar-

5- Bee-

6- Watch-

7- Raindrop-

8- Bell-


10- Cow-


Poonam Sharma Yerunkar.

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