Highlights and homework – 18th Septwmber 2018

Highlights and homework – 18th Septwmber 2018

Dear parents,

Star of the day: Swara Patel and Anshul Agarwal 🙂



Students practised perimeter through an online game.


 Learners revisited the definition of energy and further wondered about different forms other than solar energy. A video on Potential and Kinetic energy was shown followed by discussion.



Online practice: https://in.ixl.com/math/class-iv/perimeter-of-rectangles

Students have to solve the following in their Math notebook:

a) Find the perimeter of the rectangle whose length is 14 m and breadth is 12 m

b) Find the perimeter of the square whose length is 35 m.

c) Cup A has the capacity of holding 800 ml water and cup B has the capacity to hold 4 l 450 ml water. How much more water can cup B hold as compared to cup A?


Watch the video and write the process of photosynthesis



Manjeetkaur Khalsa



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