Highlights of the day – 18/09/2018

Highlights of the day – 18/09/2018


Students were tuned into the new unit.


  • Students practiced word problems related to measurement.
  • Place Value of Lakhs was introduced to learners.


A. Write the following set of numbers in sequence:
a) 1,10,230 to 1,10,239
b) 3,10,897 to 3,10,906
c) 1,17,556 to 1,17,565
d) 4,20,738 to 4,20,747

B. Write the number names of the following numbers:
a) 2,14,657
b) 3,70,993
c) 4,98,142
d) 8,66,291

C. Dhriti has gone to the bank to deposit Rs. 1,67,809. She has to fill in the deposit slip. Can you help her to write the number in words?

D. Bhavya goes to a car dealer to buy a car for himself. The cost of the car is Rs. 7,45,735. Can you help Bhavya write the amount in words so that he can make the payment through cheque?

E. Nine lakh eighty two thousand five hundred and three mangoes are produced on a farm over the course of three years. Write this number in standard form.

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Megha Chhatiawala

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