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Day: September 18, 2018

Homework-18th Sept.

Homework-18th Sept.

Math homework:

Do the following tasks in your math notebook.

Task 1- Identify the pattern – 300, 306, 312, 318.
It is skip counting by ___________ number.

Task 2 – Identify and extend the pattern
55, 59, 63, _____,_____,_____,______.

Task 3 – Create the pattern by counting 5.
112, _____,______,_____,_____.

Task 4 – [Probability]

a) Write any one activity which is possible within a week ________________________.

eg – Today I may go for a walk with my father today.


Grade 1 Team.

Highlights of the day – 18/09/2018

Highlights of the day – 18/09/2018


Students were tuned into the new unit.


  • Students practiced word problems related to measurement.
  • Place Value of Lakhs was introduced to learners.


A. Write the following set of numbers in sequence:
a) 1,10,230 to 1,10,239
b) 3,10,897 to 3,10,906
c) 1,17,556 to 1,17,565
d) 4,20,738 to 4,20,747

B. Write the number names of the following numbers:
a) 2,14,657
b) 3,70,993
c) 4,98,142
d) 8,66,291

C. Dhriti has gone to the bank to deposit Rs. 1,67,809. She has to fill in the deposit slip. Can you help her to write the number in words?

D. Bhavya goes to a car dealer to buy a car for himself. The cost of the car is Rs. 7,45,735. Can you help Bhavya write the amount in words so that he can make the payment through cheque?

E. Nine lakh eighty two thousand five hundred and three mangoes are produced on a farm over the course of three years. Write this number in standard form.

Happy Reading 🙂

Megha Chhatiawala



Dear parents,

A gentle reminder for the up coming event ‘Story Telling’ which is will be held on Thursday (Day 2), 20th September 2018.

Please note the following points for the event:

The story should be narrated in English language.

Time Limit: 3 minutes

The child can dress up as any character from the story. (OPTIONAL)

Props may be used to enhance the overall effect. (OPTIONAL)

From each section 3 students will be selected  on the basis of their performance.

The parameters for the selection and judgement will be on the basis of below given criteria:

a) Choice of the story

b) Diction

c) Voice modulation

d) Memory

e) Time

f) Poise (eye contact).

Three best performances will be selected from each section and there won’t be any further rounds of selection.

NOTE: Parents need to select the story for their ward and prepare them at home accordingly. Props and dress will not fetch any extra marks.

Grade 1 team

Highlights & Homework of the day 18th Sep 2018

Highlights & Homework of the day 18th Sep 2018

Day 6 Tuesday


The 8th chapter – How can they escape? from the Reader ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ was read to the students followed by students reading it using Popcorn strategy.

Unit of Inquiry:

The central idea of the unit was discussed with the students.

Homework: Complete the below Math homework which was given yesterday.

A. Read the following numbers and write number name along with a succeeding and preceding number.
a) 4,72,048 b) 8,43,980 c) 5,17,456 d) 2,82,445

B. The estimated cost of renovating my room is Rs. 8,99,999. Write the successor and predecessor of the given number.
C. The total number of non-fiction books in our school library is 3,54,909. Write the successor and predecessor of the given number.

D. Add:
a) 32,973 + 51,408 b) 23,579 + 64,900 c) 37,008 + 8,547

E. Subtract:
a) 82,031 – 55,142 b) 90,006 – 38,279 c) 40,900 – 28,929

Have a good day!

Homework for the day – 18th Sep 2018

Homework for the day – 18th Sep 2018

Dear Students,

Please find below the details of the homework for the day.

  1. Conduct research and write down the points for the summative assessment debate topic. These points are to be written in the Language + UOI HW notebook. The details of the groups and topics have been posted in a separate blog post by me.
  2. Watch the image and video
    1. Link to the image:
    2. Link to the video:


Thanks and regards

Himani Mehta

Homework for 18/9/18

Homework for 18/9/18

Dear all,

Task 1-Language

Go through the link and solve the same in your Language notebooks.

Task 2Data Handling 

Complete your  bar graph and derive conclusion on the same.(Complete your task online)


Highlights of the day 18-09-18

Highlights of the day 18-09-18

Day 6


  • Place Value of Lakhs was introduced to learners using Flashcards.
  • Learners learned how to read and write 6 digit number along with its succeeding and preceding number.


  • The 7th chapter – Mr.Change – About and the Enchanter from the Reader ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ was read to the students followed by students reading it using Popcorn strategy.



Watch the mentioned video link and write important points in your UOI notebook.



Complete the worksheet as discussed in class.

Highlight and Homework

Highlight and Homework

Star of the day : Star of the day goes to Suhani Banthia. She was actively participating in the class whilst maintaining classroom routines and procedures.


Language : Students read chapter 9 “Mortal Danger”. They used the strategy of wondering about the text and making predictions.


Math : 

Click on the link below and practice the concept of perimeter online.

Language : 

Read  pg 14 and 15 (Its all in the alliteration) and pg 35 (Super Similes) from Empowering English Reference Book.

Also, complete the following

Homework cycle 11 session 3

Answers shall be written in E.E. notebook.


Ekta Bathija