Recap of the day – 18/9/18

Recap of the day – 18/9/18

Star of the day: Zeal Chhatiawala

She was actively participating in the class whilst maintaining classroom routines and procedures.

Language: Learners practiced alliteration and onomatopoeia through a poem and activity.

U O I – Learners revisited the definition of energy and further wondered about different forms other than solar energy. A video on Potential and Kinetic energy was shown followed by discussion.


Math : 

Click on the link below and practice the concept of perimeter online.

U O I – [Unit Of Inquiry]

Explore any 3-4 links shared below (books, videos from youtube and images) and answer the following questions in your UOI notebook.

  1. What is energy?
  2. Fill in the blank:
    • Energy can neither be _____ nor ___________.
    •  It can only be _________  from one form to another.
  3. Name any 2 renewable sources of energy.
  4. Name any 2 non- renewable sources of energy.
  5. Which energy would you want to research deeper into and why? (Mention reason)
  6. Which learner profile would you develop during this unit? (Infer)
  7. Which 2 skills will you require during this unit and why? (Thinking, social, research, self-management and communication skills)
  8. The research links shared with you are primary source or secondary?

Clean energy:

What is energy?

Solar energy:

The transfer of energy: (My recommendation)


Image result for sources of energy


Image result for energy meaning



Disclaimer: I have created these links as a repository, students are not expected to go through each one of them as it may be overwhelming. Allow them to choose and explore. They have to use their research skills and may even want to skim and scan the links to get a better understanding. The aim, to find their own answers to the questions given above.



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