Highlight and Homework

Highlight and Homework

Star of the day : Star of the day goes to Karan. During the visit to the solar panel, he demonstrated the learner profile Inquirer. He enthusiastically asked questions to the sir to gain deeper understanding about it.


ICT : Students learnt about the how to compose an email and etiquette to be followed while writing the mail

UOI : Students created a model and tested whether we can wind energy to do work.


Math : Students have to answer the following questions in their math homework book

  1. Write the formula to find the perimeter of a square and a rectangle.
  2. Write the formula to find the area of a square and a rectangle.
  3. Reya wanted to paint a square wall. The length of the wall was 24 m. What is the area of the wall ? The cost of painting 1 sq. cm is Rs 12. What is the cost that she will incur to paint the wall.
  4. Each table in a classroom is 100 cm long and 50 cm. What is area of the table ? There are 16 tables in the class. What is the total area of the tables in the classroom ?
  5. Tanush wants to install new carpet in his living room. The room’s length is 75 m and width is 65 m. If the cost of the carpet is Rs.8 per square meter, what will be the total cost to carpet Tanush’s living room?
  6. Naisha is making a display board for the school’s talent show. The display board is 25 m by 12 m. If ribbon costs Rs. 2 per meter, how much will it cost to add a ribbon border around the entire display board?


Ekta Bathija

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