Homework for September 28, 2018

Homework for September 28, 2018

Dear Students,

During the first slot, we watched a video about the good qualities of a role model. Then, we briefly discussed it and I jotted down your responses. Consequently, a team teaching session was taken up by me and Dipti ma’am, wherein you and students of Reciprocity collaboratively learned the note-taking skills (by using Cornell’s Method).


  • Solve the Mixed Bag for Cycle 13 in your mixed bag notebook (HW posted as an announcement on Classroom).
  • Revise your comments for the Digital Media portfolio pieces (I’ve checked and commented if any changes need to be made).
  • Complete the ICT homework posted on Google Classroom.

Have a happy weekend! See you all on Monday…

-Aishwarya Jariwala

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