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Day: September 29, 2018



Dear learners,

Kindly refer to the syllabus for COS  Revision Test 3 of 100 Marks.

Coordinated Science syllabus link:

Sub. Syllabus/ No. Biology Chemistry Physics


B11, B12, B13 C5 and C10 P1





  • The test will be conducted during COS P slots in cycle 14 from date 09/10/18 to 16/10/18 of respective sections.
  • You are required to carry an electronic calculator.




IGCSE Science Team

Camel Drawing Competition

Camel Drawing Competition

Dear parents,

Like every year this year too we have the ‘Camel Art Contest’. The contest will be held on 4th October.

  1. The contest is open for all students of Early years
  2. It will be held in the school, during school hours only.
  3. Students can choose any medium comfortable for coloring and they will have to carry their own material for coloring. Pencil, eraser and paper will be provided by the school.
  4. The paper will be provided from the school and they have to draw and color here in school itself.
  5. Topic for the competition is “My Family”.( at home or on a picnic)
  6. Selected artwork will be sent by the school to Camel for further selection and the winners will be informed through the blog.

With regards,

Jr.KG Team