Summative Assessment- Math

Summative Assessment- Math

Grade7 – All
Assessment given by:
Assessment Date: Thu Oct 11 2018 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
Unit Name / Topic List: Unit 3 – How do we measure up?

– Metric conversions of measurement,mass,capacity
– Area and perimeter of square and rectangle
– Area of circle
– Circumference of a circle
– Regular and irregular polygons
– Area of parallelogram
– Area of trapezium
– Types of angles formed by parallel lines
(i) Corresponding angles
(ii) Vertically opposite angles
(iii) Alternate interior angles
(iv) Alternate exterior angles
(v) Co-interior angles
(vi) Linear pair of angles
– Surface area of a cube
– Surface area of a cuboid
– Volume of a cube
– Volume of a cuboid
Assessment Criteria: Criterion A: Knowing & Understanding and Criterion D: Applying mathematics in real-life contexts
Details: Kindly get the stationery (i.e. Pen, Pencil, scale, eraser etc).


Criterion A:
i. select appropriate mathematics when solving problems in both familiar and unfamiliar situations
ii. apply the selected mathematics successfully when solving problems
iii. solve problems correctly in a variety of contexts.

Criterion D:
i. identify relevant elements of authentic real-life situations
ii. select appropriate mathematical strategies when solving authentic real-life situations
iii. apply the selected mathematical strategies successfully to reach a solution
iv. explain the degree of accuracy of a solution
v. describe whether a solution makes sense in the context of the authentic real-life situation.
Duration: 45 minutes
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