Homework 02/10/18

Homework 02/10/18


Solve the following word problems.

1. Aryan bought an acoustic guitar for Rs. 2,36,500 and a stage piano keyboard for Rs. 4,74,369 for his band. How much money did he spend?

2. Tele Tech Worldwide, a call center received 3,52,801 calls on Monday and 5,81,423 calls on Tuesday. How many calls did they receive on Monday & Tuesday altogether.

3. During World War II, America produced 3,00,000 aircraft. Out of which only 1,76,790 aircraft were used. How many aircraft were left unused?

4. Which is the heaviest mammal – Asian elephant or African elephant? The approximate weight of an Asian elephant is 1,01,950 Kg and that of an African elephant is 1,30,220 Kg. What is the difference between the weight of both?


In the year 2014, almost 8,35,478 participants took part in the New York City Marathon. The race had 50,386 finishers. How many participants were unable to complete the marathon?

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