Highlights and homework of the week 1st – 5th October

Highlights and homework of the week 1st – 5th October

Circle Time

Revision of Rhymes:

  1. Good morning dear Earth
  2. Each like a petal of one great flower


Introduction of new rhymes :

Handy Spandy Jack-a-Dandy

Handy Spandy Jack-a-Dandy

Loves plum cake and sugar candy

He went down to the grocers shop

And out he came hop hop hop…


  • Anonymous


This is my right hand, I raise it up high

This is my left hand, I touch the sky.

Right hand, left hand round round round

Right hand, left hand pound pound pound.


  • Anonymous


Phonological Awareness :

  • Revision of addition of the sound in the given word through blocks
  • Guessing game (Teacher will say initial sound and final sound of a word and give a hint about the word. Students will have to guess it)

Read aloud:

Read aloud from Sr. KG monthly book list.

Artwork:  Drawing circles


Handwork :  Decorating Dandiya sticks


Cooking:    Pizza making


Closing circle story : The stone in the road



Transdisciplinary theme: Where we are in place and time.

Central idea: Homes reflect cultural influences and local conditions.

  • Post the field trip to the traditional and modern house , the similarities and differences were revised by the teacher on a Venn Diagram.
  • Students reflected the culture/ family values followed in their homes.



  • Writing backward numbers from 50 to 1 in the note books.
  • Revision of skip count by 2 , ascending order, pattern was done through hands on activities.





  • Introduction of  little /oo/ and long /oo/, and /ng/ digraphs


  • Reading of words with little /oo/,long /oo/ and /ng/ digraphs
  • Phonics pupil book page no.27 & 29


Language: Worksheet

Answer key to the worksheet is attached for your reference.

Math : workbook pg. No:-39 and 40


Important note:

  • Kindly ensure that you send fruits for home meal break on the respective Fruit days.

Thursday (Ignite, Blaze, Glimmer and Glitter)

Friday (Sparkle, Kindle, Dazzle and Shine)


Have a wonderful weekend !


Sr.KG Team




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