Parenting in Modern Times

Parenting in Modern Times

From juggling responsibilities to trying to tame the wild animals, there is never a dull moment in the life of a family. It’s an amazing mixture of strength and beauty, fear and laughter! Yes, family can be a circus at times.

We, welcome the parents to be a part of a Parenting circle, which will be facilitated by the School’s wellbeing counselors. The session will talk about some of the deadly and relevant parenting styles . The main agenda would be, to provide a platform to the parents where they can talk about the issues that they are facing with their children and seek guidance from the other parents.

So get ready to be a part of this parenting circle and be equipped with the family circus hacks to handle your children.

Day and Date- Friday, 12th October 2018
Time – 08:00 AM – 09:30 AM
Venue – Shall be communicated through confirmation email.

Kindly note- This circle is limited to only 25 participants per grade. So register ASAP. Once registered, we shall email you the confirmation. Please use your parent email ID to sign up. Click on the following link to register for the session

Parenting in Modern Times

Hereby sharing few feedback from the last workshop we had with G 4, 5 and 6 parents:

– It was quite a valuable session. Lots of gratitude for the same. Also, lots of applauds to school team to proactively organizing such session. Genuinely obligated to all of you.
– I really enjoyed being a part of the workshop and the tips shared by the counselors will definitely help us on reflecting on our parenting skills and styles. Listening from other moms also gave me comfort that I’m not the only one pulling my hair apart 😉 Both the counselors were equally involved and patiently understood as well as catered to parent queries. I would like to hear more on father’s role in parenting. As a parent, I struggle to involve my husband actively in parenting. Thank you for the workshop! The effort is appreciated.
– Thanks dear.It was indeed a fruitful session. Got a chance to recap, re look and rethink about how I am as a parent and also on my parenting style. Having a discussion with other parent made me feel that I am not the only one and got few tips from them regarding how they are handling similar issues. Hats off to the counselors they are very talented and knowledgeable and was able to take the session very smoothly and nicely. Suggestion is that we should have more such sessions with parents of difficult kids. As I always feel “there are no difficult kids there are always difficult parents”. Such parents need this and even we too to keep us reminded of.Great efforts by the school in achieving their mission statement as they alone can’t build character with competence they seek our help for it too.Thank you for making me a part of it.
– The workshop started well with knowing the purpose and expectation of each parent . For the very little time I was there , Parents were sharing their concerns and experiences about their child and how they deal with the situations and what doesn’t work… The counselors were giving their necessary inputs ” like 2 min parenting that stuck with me.”
But the bitter fact is there is “no fixed medicines for dealing with children with same problems”. Hence as parents its us who has to gauge what works well for us.

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