Cyber policy

Cyber policy

Dear parents,

Considering the increasing access to social media and internet in the current times, we are rolling out the Cyber Policy for our students with a view to educate them, make them aware of the threats online, and have a response system within the school to deal with such issues effectively.
We expect parents to support us in this initiative to make our students responsible digital citizens.

The policy has been discussed in detail with the students today.
We are sending out
1. Cyber Policy Document
2. Cyber Policy Legal Toolkit (for reference)
(Both these documents are spiral bound together)
3. Cyber Policy undertaking.
Parents are requested to go through all the above documents and discuss the same with their ward. The undertaking has to be signed by the parents and students and sent it to school latest by 15th October. The students who fail to submit the signed undertaking to school by the given date shall not be allowed to attend classes.
Please watch this video to understand the policy in detail.
Please view the policy document here.



Fountainhead School.

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