Highlights of the day 11-10-18

Highlights of the day 11-10-18

Day 3


  • Students solved 6-digit addition and subtraction word problems.


  • Articles related to threats to the environment were read in groups.
  • Dictation was conducted.



Solve the following word problems:

1. A Camlin company is hosting a drawing competition. So far 3,68,797 children have filled the form from India and 5,20,346 children have filled the form from other countries. What is the total number of children who have filled the form?

2. Samrat’s car broke and he used Rs 1,50,000 from his savings to have it repaired. After that, he had Rs 6,29,800 left in his savings. Calculate the amount he had in his savings before his car broke?

3. Before November, the total sales of a garment shop have been Rs. 2,74,132. Because of the festive season in November, the sales of the same garment shop increased to Rs. 4,67,342. Find the increase in the sales due to the festive season.

4. A crayon company recently changed its labels. It currently has 7,00,311 crayons with the old label and 2,24,705 crayons with the new label. About how many crayons does the company have in stock?

5. There are 6,01,480 picture books in the library. On Monday 1,23,033 are taken out and on Tuesday 3,73,212 are taken out. How many picture books are left?


Parents: If you’ve ever traveled away from your home, talk to your kids about a different location’s climate and weather. Discuss why some places are popular destinations for summer or winter vacations. Have you ever made a decision about whether to travel to a location based on its climate? Also, talk about how the climate might affect how you live or what you do for a living.

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