Science Trivia 2018-19- Winners

Science Trivia 2018-19- Winners

Dear all,

First of all, Kudos to all the finalists and the wonderful audience for their enthusiastic participation in Science Trivia 2018-19.

Overall, the event was a glorified success, the finalists were full of zest, they enjoyed a variety of rounds by applying their scientific knowledge and showcased various learner profiles like Thinker, Risk-taker, Knowledgeable and Reflective. They portrayed Collaborative skills and synergized well to give their best as a team.

Hereby announcing the Winners of Science Trivia 2018-19;


Grade 7
House: Unity
Nidhi Malani Perspicacity
Monish Shah Insight
Akshat Shah Cognizance
Yuvraj Chopra Acumen


Grade 8
House: Integrity
Yug Savani Ardour
Hiya Shah Exuberance
Dhruv Daiya Vivacity
Parth Mehta Zest


Grade 9
House: Integrity
Devanshu Vekaria Engima
Anant Upadhyay Fortuity
Prisha Tak Fortuity
Yash Krishnani Revelation


A huge congratulations to all the winners. Keep up the Zeal!!


MYP Science Team

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