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Task 1

Click on the link and complete the worksheet:

Cycle 14 math mixed bag




Click on the link and complete the worksheet

Lang mix bag 13-10-2018



[Unit Of Inquiry]

Students will brainstorm on the model/experiment they wish to create for the upcoming science fair.

Create 2 columns: Write down what do you wish to create and why in under the model column. Write down a list of material that you will require. You may bring all the materials that you have collected already on Monday to school.

Important: Monday is Day 5 which mean you must bring your Library books and ID cards.

Model Material



Stars of the day:   Kunjjan Patel(showing efforts towards the feedback given),  Jinay Shah (using metacognition to identify what helps him grow faster) and Aarna Choudhary(for becoming a confident speaker).

Food for thought:

We planted a few seeds this week in class. All our plants are growing at a different pace. Plants have their different need like water, sunlight, warmth(temperature) and fertilizers. We, humans, are similar in so many ways. Some students identified their fertilizer to as motivation by teachers and other said it’s daily activities or having fun. This all helps them grow.


Image result for the plant is us . quote


Fatema Topiwala



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